Beating Cancer Naturally

By Dr. Payam Kiani, B.Sc., ND, FABNO

My patients never cease to amaze me.

They all do, really, but particular awards go to my patients who are battling cancer. By far, they sustain the most poking and prodding, invasive surgeries, harsh medications, and toxic therapies all with the hope that they will be cured.  They grin and bear the devastating effects of their disease and of the treatments that go along with it, but no matter what happens to their physical health, […]

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Spring Detoxification

By Dr. Kelly McGuire, ND

Spring Detoxification

Detoxification is a hot topic at this time of year. Fall and spring during the change of season are wonderful times to reflect on our habits and routines, and make goals to change bad ones and aspire to healthier ones. Although our organs of detoxification; (see below) are constantly working to try and balance our body, sometimes they get overwhelmed by toxic exposure or become sluggish due to nutritional deficiency.

Organs of Detoxification

GI tract (liver, […]

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Global Health and NDI – A Life Changing Medical Brigade

By: Dr. Kelly McGuire, ND

Global Health and NDI – A Life Changing Medical Brigade

In February of 2011, I ventured on a life changing experience to the remote island of Ometepe, in Nicaragua. Through the organization Natural Doctors International (NDI) I joined the forces of global health. I went on an  international medical brigade to bring help to those experiencing life in a developing country. Nicaragua is the second poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere. Largely due to the pioneering work […]

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You Are What You Eat – Nutrition 101

You are what you eat! – The Macro- and Micro- nutrients of our diet.

Despite there being so many different diets out there, what we eat and digest that eventually becomes us really comes down to the basics of what constitutes a healthy body. Below is some information on what makes up our body, and hence what should make up our diet. A healthy diet needs essential macro and micro nutrients including;

Macro-nutrients -water, protein, carbohydrates, fats and fibre

Micro-nutrients -vitamins and minerals.

Water […]

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Resolving to Get to the Root

Resolving to Get to the Root –

By Dr. Kelly McGuire, ND

When one year ends and another begins its only natural to reflect on last year’s happenings and strive for improvement in the coming year. Looking back on history often helps us in preparing for the future. This is exceptionally true with regards to health.  Family history may be the most obvious aspect of one’s history affecting health but social, sexual, mental/emotional and lifestyle history also plays a large role in […]

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