Becoming a Patient

What’s my first visit like?

First, you’ll be greeted by our lovely reception staff and they will help you fill out the appropriate intake forms.  We suggest downloading the forms and completing them ahead of time in order to save you time.  The forms can be found on this page below.

Once the forms are complete, you may have a seat in our comfortable reception area. Shortly thereafter, as your wait will not be long, one of our naturopathic doctors will come to greet you and your visit will begin.

Most first visits are about 1 hour long. This is necessary to get a thorough medical history from you, as well as a detailed understanding of who you really are and what your lifestyle is like. Specific questions relating to your condition will be asked, as well as general markers of health, such as how you eat, sleep, your digestion, stresses, etc. as these all affect your health.  If required, there may be a complaint oriented physical examination which is instrumental in determine the right course of action.

Depending on the case, some recommendations will be made during the first visit.  Most often a follow up appointment is required for your naturopathic doctor to present short-term and/or long-term treatment plans for your specific conditions.  Your naturopathic doctor will present the best treatment options available, and together with your input, create a personalized treatment plan that will achieve the best results. Most often, follow up visits only require 30 minutes and their frequency depends on each individual case.

On your way out, there is a convenient natural health dispensary which carries professional line vitamin and supplement brands.  Although you are not obliged to purchase anything recommended to you from our dispensary, it is available for your convenience.

Scheduling a follow up visit is easy, just speak to one of our receptionists.  Please select the correct intake form to download and complete before your first visit here:

By downloading and completing our ‘New Patient Forms’ before coming to your visit, you can save time filling out the necessary forms in our reception room and even money for your second visit. Some of the forms in the ‘New Patient Forms’ package require a week of tracking information, such as your daily diet. So instead of receiving the forms on the first visit and then coming back the following week, you could have the forms ready to be discussed at the first visit.